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Blog posts/essays & photos by William A. Young, linking travel, hiking, mythology, and some associated odds-and-ends



This section is a collection of links to various free mapping services I’ve made use of over the years. They’re invaluable for forward-planning trips, and all very reliable.


Hiking Maps

United Kingdom (ignore request to sign up, select ‘Leisure’ option to view topographical detail)



Iceland (for extra trail information, combine with this)


Antiquities & Archaeology

The best mapping tool I know of is the Google Earth plug-in available on the Modern antiquarian website run by Julian Cope. It lets you filter by site type, and, while centred on the archipelago of the British Isles, it does also include sites from round the world.



One comment on “Maps

  1. Donna Carpenter
    July 10, 2017

    I found your article in Beautiful Resistance quite interesting and decided to say hello, because I’m following similar thought lines, although on a more modest scale. Currently working on a segment of memoir that is driven by a chance encounter with the ancient yew forest at Kingly Vale one winter day; I think it changed my life. My blog is inactive right now, but you can reach me through my website if you’d care to chat. In appreciation, donnacarpenter.net


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