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Blog posts/essays & photos by William A. Young, linking travel, hiking, mythology, and some associated odds-and-ends


Silver StagI’ve been away for a little while now; it’s time to come back to the online world. I took a wee break from writing after I finished my book; then life happened, as it so often does, and a wee break stretched to months. Anyhow, it’s nice to be back, and to catch up with some familiar faces. I do not return empty-handed; I’ve been travelling around in the mountains of Scotland and Iceland, and poking my nose into some unusual places around the cities of Britain. Expect some unseasonably snowy posts to follow soon…


One comment on “Return

  1. Margie Thinking Allowed
    December 29, 2016

    Hi William, your blog really intrigues me and definitely stirs my interest. The history of the Cults is a real interest of mine. I have no Celtic roots, I’m more of a Saxon really, but the mystical traditions of the Celtic world are a real inspiration. I’m in the process of trying to dig up research and background for a novel I’m constructing… Moon In Scorpio.. My Celtic Character is a Druid named Trevanyon. Unfortunately I’ve got myself rather bogged down with competing projects. Would really like to follow your writings. Miles of smiles… MARGIE

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